KORKED screw caps and the refinement of wine in the bottle

The KORKED mission is supplying to wineries closures alternative to cork, closures which allow the best refinement of wine in the bottled removing the famous TCA problems.

To solve this need, KORKED has realized, in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic and Udine University, Oenology Dept., KORKED PRO, synthetic innovative stopper, and KORKED SPIN, the first screw cap with micro controlled oxygenation in bottle, designed specifically to oenology sector.

KORKED stoppers, through a membrane inserted inside, allow to the oenologist to choose the correct permeability and so the correct evolution of the product in according to the typology of bottled wine, to the style’s winery and to the forecasted shelf-life.

KORKED products are patented in all the major oenological states.

In august 2012, to confirm the excellent evolution obtainable with controlled permeability KORKED SPIN, the Viticulture and Oenology Dept. of public service centre to Agriculture of Mosel, established in Germany, has published data concerning sensorial tastings and chemical analysis managed at 24 months of bottling of Riesling white wine.

KORKED SPIN-(minus) with low permeability membrane has been recognized, by a panel of 73 professional judges, as the best closure which has determine the better evolution of bottled wine resulting the favourite between 26 different stoppers (natural corks, agglomerated cork, synthetic stopper, screw caps, stopper’s glass) produced by most important worldwide stopper producer.