Permeabilty Study

The object of micro-controlled oxygenation is to obtain a wine more stable and with better features, both from the chemical point of view that sensorial one; to use closure systems with micro-permeability appropriated to the wine bottled allows to exalt its organoleptic properties.

The role of the closure is very important for a correct maintenance and refinement of wine in bottle and to avoid that:

  • Be established an environment extremely reducing;
  • There are reactions of oxidation and premature aging of the product;
  • There are unpleasant releases of substances

The closure systems actually presented in the market offer to producer a permeability that can’t be chosen from the winery according to the specific needs of the bottled wine: the permeability of the closure is sustained.

The closure system KORKED is the first screw cap that through a membrane allows to pre-determine the desired permeability to gases

In the chart below is highlighted, in relation to the permeability, the positioning of the closures KORKED in the areas of aging and maintenance compared to the main closures present in the market.

Permeability Table