University Scientific Partner

University of Udine

All the different tasting effected up to now, following a precise procedure decided by the University of Udine, revealed a clear preference towards the products bottled with KORKED closures; such preference is due to the fact that the wines are always agreeable and, above all, do not reveal reduction problems or defections at all. The wines employing the closures KORKED™ present very stable values of sulphurous anhydride and carbonic dioxide, even after certain months since bottling.

The results of the tasting and the chemical analysis led the University of Udine to the following conclusion:


“The elaboration of the results obtained evidences that the average permeability values are different according to the typology of stoppers and that it is not possible to include all synthetic closure in one single group. On the other hand natural corks often determine great differences within the same parcel of product. Conclusions: the sensorial tests confirm that the wines bottled with the closures KORKED present the same evolution degree as the ones using natural corks. At the same time, all the defection traditionally associated with natural corks are avoided. On considering the productive standards the performances of the closures KORKED are comparable to those of high quality natural cork”.

R. Zironi, Professor of Oenology

University of Udine Food Science Department